Welcome to Chemdrop

About Us

Established in 2003, One of the most trusted name in the shoe industry. Chemdrop is a well recognized company, involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of silicon based products. Our product offering includes , Release Agents, Silicon Release Agents, Shining Chemicals, Cynoacrylate Adhesives, Silicon Softener and more.

Industry Expertise
Coupled with experience and extensive knowledge, We are capable of delivering our products as per the most strongest clients specification. Every industry has various needs on the type of application. Our products and people have proven themselves to not only help our customers make better products, but more of them with maximize productivity while delivering finished parts.

Chemdrop has strong well knit infrastructure. The company has a state of the art manufacturing base in Delhi. Together with industry leading chemists, the right product is formulated to meet our customer's needs.

Quality Assurance
Quality is one of the reason for the immaculate success of the company within a short period of time in comparison with the principal of Total Quality Management. Quality for us is a never ending journey. The satisfaction of the customers is the top most priority of the company.

Growth Initiative
Leverging on our sophisticated R&D facility and manufacturing strength, we are capable of delivering our products as per the most strongest client's specification.

   Our products are appreciated for their high quality, lower defect rates, less downtime and improved part quality.

   Enhance the potential of workforce by proper training and development of the employees.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the prime motto for our company. Working with chemdrop goes far beyond just being able to provide product. It's a partnership approach that has taken us forefront of the industry and has provided our customers the leading service and support in the industry today.

Why Us
Some of the factors that has made us favorite among our customers are-
    Excellent Infrastructure
    Stringent Quality check
    Competitive pricing
    Lower defect rates of finished product
    Timely execution of orders
    Client Centric Approach

A dedicated team of experienced professionals is the core of our organization.
Last but not the least our staff is our strength