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About Insta Bond

chemdrop Insta Bond is one of the many names given to cyanoacrylate, which is the scientific short name of the many powerful, fast-acting types of glue on the market. Super glue is just one brand of these types of glue, though the name has been applied to all fast-drying, instant glues from those that are found easily in stores to the stronger industrial types. Super glue has a number of uses, including as a tool in medicine, and should be handled carefully because of its toxicity.

Whatever you're making or repairing, there's an Instant Insta Bond formula or applicator to help you do the job - in an instant. Click these links to learn more. Or, go directly to Instant Insta Bond

Keep Instant Insta Bond in your car, RV or boat for those unexpected repairs wherever your travels may take you.

Reattach the strap on your hand bag or repair broken sunglasses in an instant! Pack Instant Insta Bond Single-Use Tubes when you travel for emergency repairs on the road.
Shoe Soles & Heels , Hand Bags and Luggage , Jewelry and Cell Phones , Eye Glasses , Headbands/Ba.

When you're playing to win, you can't let an equipment failure stop you. Repair the grips on your bat, racket or club. Attach it. Mend it. Glue it. With Instant Insta Bond in your duffle bag, you'll be back in the game in an instant.
Tennis/Golf/Baseball Grips , Trophies , Ping Pong Paddle Pads ,

Instant Insta Bond is just the thing you need to build plastic models, fix toys and decorations or create holiday ornaments. There's an Instant Insta Bond formula for just about every craft or hobby imaginable.
Plastic Models , Metal Models , Wooden Toy Making , Ornaments ,

Instant Insta Bond makes it easy to fix office supplies instead of replacing them. Repair plastic paper trays, modular furniture components, presentation binders and more. Get back to work in an instant.
Broken Office Supplies , Book Spines , Desk Chair .

They're not just "things" — they're memories. Repair broken vases, statues, brass fixtures or antique glassware. Precision applicators are perfect for delicate jobs. Instant Insta Bond can keep the memory alive.
Keepsakes, sculptures, collectibles , Statues/Busts , Glassware , Wood , Dishes, Mugs, Fine .

Instant Insta Bond saves the day by restoring a loose floor tile, a piece of linoleum or even a cracked porcelain piece in the bathroom.
Tile Porcelain Linoleum

Instant Insta Bond has the perfect formula for fixing all types of items around the pario and garden. Don't let a broken pot ruin your green-thumb day!
Plant Pots Plastic Furniture Bird House Bird Feeder Lattice Work Cut Plant Stems Rope