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P.U. Release Agents

Proven Technology:
• Cost Effective
• Environmentally Safe
• Water or Solvent Based
• No Transfer
• No interference with Post Finishing
• No interference with Bonding
• Multiple release cycles
• Reduces Routine Maintenance
• Superior Adherence
• Minimizes Friction & Reduces Wear
• Resists Extreme Weather
• Repels Contaminants
• High & Low Temperature Applications
• Improved Productivity
• Reduced Downtime for Cleaning
• Reduced Buildup on Surfaces
• Corrosion Protection of Molds & Dies
• Reduced Reject Rates
• Effective Release from Complex Molds

Release Agents

Type Of Release Agents
• Single density polyester release agent decor
• Double density release agent Z-201 for polyether & polyester
• Polyether Single Density RKG
• Polyethermatt release agent Furo
• Ecco auto Release Varnish
• Universal P.U. release agent XX
• Water base release agent for P.U.
• Release Agent Concentrate Z-200
• Eva Release Agent Ready To Use
• ABS, PC, PP Release Agent Dexter

• Easy demoulding and very low consumption (shine finish).
• Excellent Demoulding And very low consumption. (good shiny finish).
• Excellent Demoulding And consumption less than 4 grams
• Wax And Oil Base Release Agent for a very matt finish.
• Wax Base Release Agent For demoulding tar seat cushions.
• Common Release Agent For Both Polyetherand Polyester
• Easy Demoulding And Excellent skin obtained.
• Mix Upto 10 Litres In I Litre Of conc for good demoulding.
• Easy Demolding Very Low consumption.
• Oil Base Release Agent Available easy demoulding.

Main functions of a mold release agent

Mold release agents provide not only a physical and/or chemical barrier as the means of separation between the material being molded and the mold surface, but also impact process characteristics like the flow rate of the material being molded within the mold cavity, molding cycle time and, of course, release ease. The choice of mold release agents also affects finish characteristics of the released part like gloss level, accurate texture reproduction, post molding operations (e.g. adhesion or coating of the molded part) in addition to influencing the mold service life in between maintenance cycles, and overall productivity.

We carry a range of Release Agents for various applications including:
Single density Release agent for Ployester/Polyether Polyurethane unit sole, sandals & slippers and safety shoes applications.
Double density Release agent for Polyester Polyurethane safety shoes application.
Silicon Free Release agent for Single & Double density PU safety shoes application.
EVA Release Agents for sheets and molded parts.
Release Agents for Polyurethane Automotive seat appliction.
Our range of products comes in various forms including concentrates, Solvent based, Water Based.
We also have products according to European Reach requirement like Tin free Release agents for Polyether Unit sole Application