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1. Re-Finish Wood Furniture
Shoe polish makes a great DIY wood stain. Brown polish will impart a walnut finish, tan polish will lend your piece a maple look, and black polish will stain your wood a rich mahogany color. You can customize your favorite furniture pieces by adding multiple coats. To do so, sand the piece so it is smooth, then use a soft cloth to spread the polish. All that is left to do is wait for the wood to dry!

2. Make Your Car Sparkle Inside and Out
Use clear shoe polish to shine the license plates and tire rims. Then head inside the car to spruce up the dashboard. The polish can shine the dials and break up any grime that can creep into the plastic grooves. Your leather seats will look brand new once you wipe them down with a bit of shoe shine, as well!

3. Spiff up Leather Clothing
Want to make your most stylish handbags and leather jackets look like new? Simply apply a dab of similar-color or clear shoe polish to the leather. It will add a sheen and waterproof finish that will ultimately make your treasured piece last longer!

4. Block out the Sun and Look like a Football Star
About to embark on a game of pick-up football on a sunny day? Do like the pros do and smear a bit of black polish under the eyes to help block out the glare. Bonus: It gives you a serious "game face!"

5. Shine Any Plastic or Metal Surface
Make your kitchen sparkle by using the polish for various needs. Rub black polish into antique oven dials that have lost the colored paint indicating the temperature, clean stovetops to a shine, and add like-new luster to cabinet, drawer, and door knob handles with clear polish. Can't get enough of the squeaky-clean, shiny surfaces? Head outside and brush some polish on your plastic or metal patio or lawn furniture for a glossy finish that will help protect your patio picks from the rain and sun for the entire BBQ season! And speaking of barbecue, maybe the top of that awesome grill needs a shine…you get the idea!